Avanti provides assistance on the entire range of employee-employer issues, discrimination, non-competition agreements, confidentiality/secrecy agreements, and personnel manuals. We advise employers on all aspects of hiring, promoting, supervising, disciplining and firing employees. Our attorneys have the skills and language capabilities to provide the following services:

  • Employee Benefits
  • Employment manual (English & Spanish)
  • Employment Training (Staff & Management)
  • HIPAA Law
  • Immigration Law and I-9 compliance and citizenship status discrimination issues
  • Worker’s Compensation Law
  • Sexual Harassment Investigation
  • On-the-ground support in the event of a workplace disaster, fatality or act of violence.
  • Representation before state and federal court/agencies on compliance issues related to ADA, FMLA, EEO, ERISA, OSHA and MiOSHA, FLSA, WARN and other laws.

In addition, we work closely with our clients to modify, design, and implement effective policies and practices that are compliant with applicable laws and tailored to our clients’ needs. Our attorneys can help you:

  • Prepare and properly implement restrictive covenant agreements regarding:
    • Noncompetition
    • Nonsolicitation
    • Garden leave
    • Protection of confidential information and trade secrets
    • Protection and ownership intellectual property, including patents, trademarks, and copyrights
  • Conduct audits to assess the efficacy of existing policies and practices.
  • Prepare policies designed to properly guard and protect the confidentiality of trade secrets and other proprietary information.
  • Design and implement initiatives designed to enhance employee longevity and loyalty, which include appropriate restrictive covenants.
  • Evaluate potential issues arising out of the potential hiring of talented personnel potentially subject to restrictive covenants with third parties.
  • Injunction proceedings.

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